Platen Osb


This construction panel consists of crossed layers of 'strands', mainly of whitewood and redwood. Van Hoorebeke Timber is a Norbord distributor in sanded and un-sanded panels for many years. The Norbord panels are well know for their excellent quality and packing.

Type Pressed 'strands' in whitewood, redwood and other species. Sanded and un-sanded
Quality OSB/3, other qualities on demand
Gluing PMDI (formalhyde free glueing)
Density ± 600kg/m³
Format 2440x590mm and 2440x1220mm
Thickness 12 - 15 - 18 - 22mm, other thicknesses on demand
Tolerance Thickness un-sandes ±0,8mm
Thickness sanded ±0,3mm
Length and width ±3,0mm
Squareness 2,0mm/m

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