Rough timber

Zachthout Siberische Lariks

Siberian Larch

Siberian larch wood (larix sibirica) is a softwood that grows in extreme weather conditions in Eastern Siberia. These conditions give rise to a slow and regular growth, which make it more sustainable and more resistant, with a regular quality and less big knots compared to the European Larch wood.

Siberian Larch has a durability class 2-3. For this reason, it can be used without any treatment for exterior use. In addition, this type of Larch has a very good wear-out resistance.

Thanks to these characteristics, Siberian Larch is a qualitative alternative to the more expensive hardwood. Larch is used for several exterior applications like cladding, boarding and decking, but it can also be used for interior design. The impact of time and exposure to UV lets the color of Siberian Larch evolve from a gold-brown color to a beautiful consistent gray color.

Van Hoorebeke Timber is specialized in sourcing Siberian Larch wood. Thanks to intensive contacts with the sawmills, we can provide this softwood in a broad range of sections and qualities.

We are able to plane Siberian Larch in our own planing mill in Ghent with continuous quality control and follow-up after transformation. Next to our standard assortment, it is possible to provide other, tailor-made, profiles.

Average volumetric mass ±650kg/m³
Radial crimp 60 to 30% relative humidity (r.h.) 0,6%
Radial crimp 90 to 60% relative humidity (r.h.) 0,7%
Tangential crimp 60 to 30% relative humidity (r.h.) 0,9%
Tangential crimp 90 to 60% relative humidity (r.h.) 1,3%
Movement 60 to 30% relative humidity (r.h.) 1,5%
Movement 90 to 60% relative humidity (r.h.) 2,0%
Flexural Strenght 94 N/mm²
Young's modulus 10.600 to 14.500 N/mm²
Compressive strength 54 N/mm²
Tensile strength 101 N/mm²
Shear strength 9,9 N/mm²


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