Van Hoorebeke Timber owns an ATG recognised drenching station. Through the A2 procedure, we drench the timber completely according the prescribed period to obtain service class A2. 

We work with the waterbased product Sarpeco 9+ providing the timber a preventitive protection against:

Drenched timber is easily recognisable at van Hoorebeke Timber by the green pigment. Drenching of timber is often used in the roofing industry. 

On request, we provide an ATG certificate for the treated timber.


At van Hoorebeke Timber you have the ability to impregnate your timber. It can be treated in green or brown color, but black is also a possibility. 

After impregnation following service classes can be obtained:

Impregnation is frequently used in the preservation of garden wood.

Attention: parts of the timber treated after drenching or impregnetion, must receive an after-treatment with the product that meets the abovementioned requirements. 

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