Rough timber

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Van Hoorebeke ThermoWood is spruce wood that is given a durability class I/II by an environmentally friendly treatment with heat and steam. This durability is comparable to a tropical wood type and ThermoWood offers an advantageous, location-friendly and ecological alternative to tropical hardwood.
During the treatment process, the wood is heated to a temperature of 212°C. The steam ensures that the wood does not tear or crack during the process. ThermoWood is 100% natural because no chemicals are used during the treatment process.
ThermoWood offers increased durability, reduced moisture absorption, better resistance to insects and fungi, better thermal insulation and increased form stability.
ThermoWood façade cladding has an attractive warm color and will age beautifully as other hardwoods over time. Van Hoorebeke guarantees a good result by selecting the wood for quality and knots with the greatest care.

Van Hoorebeke has the profiles Stockholm and Kotka Large on stock.


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