Platen Indonesische Multiplex Hardhout

Indonesian Multiplex hardwood

Indonesian Multiplex consists of a hardwood core and is fitted with an exterior veneer in top quality meranti. This panel can be used for both interior and protected exterior joinery.

Type Multiplex hardwood
Quality BB/CC
Gluing WBP conform EN 314-2
Core Hardwood
Density ± 650kg/m³
Format 2500 x 1220mm, other formats on demand
Thickness 18mm, other thicknesses on demand
Tolerance Width and lenght ±3,5mm
Thickness minimum = t-(0,4+0,03t)
Thickness maximum = t+(0,8+0,03t)
Squareness 1,0mm/m
Number of layers 7 or 9 layers

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