About us


Our mission is to be a trusted partner for quality wood & services to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.


Our Vision is to be the preferred (n°1 or 2) wood partner in our selected markets for loyal customers:


van Hoorebeke puts first and foremost 4 values :


At van Hoorebeke’s we are one. As well our executives and managers as our employees and workers strive for the same goal. We all point in the same direction.

We think and work solutions

van Hoorebeke is part of the big 4 in Belgium. Our market is rapidly evolving and moving. Thinking and working solutions is daily business. Our people always look for the best solution with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Taking initiative

van Hoorebeke is working in an international surrounding. We aim daily to excel ourselves in order to improve our market position. Everyone is supporting this goal. Working with van Hoorebeke’s is challenging and means persisting, taking initiative and pro-active thinking and working.

The customer at the heart of our thinking and working

At van Hoorebeke’s we are proud: proud of our company, proud of our job and proud of our team. Our customers are in our mind at each stage. It is by you and for you that we dedicate ourselves every at 100% to be of utmost service to you.